Gogoyoko Set to Launch By End of Year

As mentioned in a previous post, I recently joined Facebook. So far so good, although I’m taking my time to understand the culture a bit before I really dive in. I have made some interesting connections so far, including a radio deejay in Baltimore who wants me on his show and one in Australia who wants me to send him some tracks. pretty cool.

The latest is an old friend that I know from my days as a DJ at the Eighteenth Street Lounge (home of Thievery Corporation) named Leon (he’s from Iceland, one of my favorite places). He told me that a friend of his is starting a new website called Gogoyoko.com which will be an online music marketplace. Their tag line is “Fair Play in Music”. You might be thinking “big deal, another online music marketplace”, but this one might actually be a little different. One of the most intriguing aspects of their model is that they plan to offer participating artists a 40% advertising revenue split in addition to selling their music and offering distribution avenues. Pretty cool, huh? You don’t come across that everyday.

The site is in development and plans to launch by the end of the year. For now, participation is by invitation only, so I’m hoping to get an invite soon. I’ll keep you posted. Here is what their front page is advertising at this point:

Artists & Music Lovers

Gogoyoko.com is a fair trade online music marketplace.

We ain’t no guys in skyscrapers wasting time or money. We are artists making our dream platform for other artists and music lovers.

Gogoyoko, comprised of musicians & artists, introduces a new unique platform for artists and labels to market, distribute and sell their music directly to the consumer, without the need for a middleman:

*Create your profile
*Put your price on songs & albums
*Sell your music, a ground-breaking revenue split
*Monitor sales through your own bank account
*Artists get 40% of ad income through streaming

For now you can sign up for their newsletter. Check them out at gogoyoko.com.


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